NZIERNew Zealand Institute of Economic Research
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1) Dr Lees wrote this article while at NZIER, under a contract from the Reserve Bank of New Zealand.
NZIER (2012) Is local government fiscally responsible?
NZIER (2009a) forecast annual average growth in real GDP of -1.
When the NZIER considered the barriers to reform in its report, it was professional patch protection, the perceived poor state of the primary sector, institutional inertia, the existence of funding and other 'silos', poor quality information about the workforce, and the lack of common training for the support work sector that they cited (New Zealand Institute for Economic Research, 2004).
Overall, we are interested in whether or not the NZIER architect survey is a timely source of value-added forecasting information on construction expenditure.
New Zealand Institute of Economic Research (2008), "The impact of the proposed Emissions Trading Scheme on New Zealand's economy--Public discussion document", NZIER Working Papers, No.
However, in an examination of how PHO development might impact on Maori health, NZIER (2003) warned of some potential risks for Maori providers.
There are important features of the NZIER survey which set it apart from most others.
Thompson (eds), Tans-Tasman Trade and Investment, NZIER Research Monograph 38, Wellington, 28-36.
The Influence of United States Economics on New Zealand (Wellington: NZIER Research Monograph no.
According to NZIER, the apex bank would maintain its official cash rate at a record-low of 2.