NZIIANew Zealand Institute of International Affairs (Wellington, New Zealand)
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Executive Director Maty Nikkhou-O'Brien reported a fruitful year', noting that the NZIIA had 'reached new grounds in our mission to excite and engage New Zealanders, from all walks of life, about international affairs'.
Caption: Prime Minister Bill English addresses the NZIIA annual dinner
On 1 June the NZIIA joined Microsoft to host a breakfast meeting with Norm Judah, chief technology officer, Worldwide Services, Microsoft.
29 Jun Ken Aldred (a former branch chairman and an NZIIA life member), 'Global Politics: the Changing Landscape.
It was Nash who suggested to him that he join the NZIIA (of which Nash was a founding member).
Alive to the outreach advantages for the department that the NZIIA provided, Secretary of Foreign Affairs George Laking agreed to Bruce taking leave from the ministry for three years.
22 Mar Peter Kennedy (former NZIIA executive director), 'The Western Front: Shadows of the Past'.
The NZIIA co-hosted a meeting with the New Zealand India Research Institute on 26 February.
On 22 September, in conjunction with the New Zealand Contemporary China Research Centre, the NZIIA convened a meeting to hear Fu Ying, the chairperson of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Chinese National Peoples Congress, give a lecture on 'China's Development and its Implications'.
The NZIIA was pleased to receive much positive feedback in the following days.
Former branch chair and NZIIA Life Member Ken Aldred represented the Napier branch in the absence of current chair Dr Richard Grant.
On 11 May in conjunction with the Victoria Institute for Links with Latin America and the Latin America New Zealand Business Council and supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, the NZIIA staged a public lecture by Leonardo Arizaga (Ecuador's vice-minister for foreign affairs) on 'Ecuador: Outcomes and Challenges for the Citizens' Revolution'.