NZIMLSNew Zealand Institute of Medical Laboratory Science
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Fellowship of the NZIMLS is the profession's highest professional qualification.
Practicing Scientist, Fellow of NZIMLS and currently on the Fellowship Committee
NZIMLS Executive Officer, Fran van Til, received the following emails from Joe Sullivan, who was unable to get back to New Zealand in time for the Annual Scientific Meeting:
Therefore, John Sheard is elected as the Region 4 Representative on the NZIMLS Council.
Fellowship of the NZIMLS may be gained by thesis, by peer reviewed publications; or by treatise in case of a member holding an appropriate postgraduate or professional qualification.
Applicants must be a current financial member of the NZIMLS and have been a financial member for at least two concurrent years prior to application.
Phillip Shepherd's presentation won one of the two NZIMLS Best Presentation Awards.
Within the NZIMLS Code of Ethics, the obligations and duties of all our members is clearly stated and in particular clause 1 where it is our duty to uphold the dignity and honour of our profession and clause 9 where we are bound by the Privacy Act.
As our NZIMLS President, Ross Hewett, recently wrote in an Editorial, the Journal "is still a tangible reminder of what we do, who we are professionally, and testament to our predecessors who believed and did something about it" (2).
Any persons suspected of colluding with others are brought to the attention of the Editor and the NZIMLS Executive Council.
Council of the NZIMLS has approved an annual Journal prize to the value of NZ$300 for the best article published in the Journal during the calendar year.
The NZIMLS best presenter was awarded to Claudia Sugrue, for her presentation on an IgE paraprotein and the runner up best presenter was awarded to Maria Carter for her presentation on Beer Potomania.