NZISNew Zealand Immigration Service (Wellington, New Zealand)
NZISNew Zealand Institute of Surveyors (est. 1888)
NZISNew Zealand Institute of Sport
NZISNew Zealand Income Survey (Statistics New Zealand)
NZISNarodni Zdravotnicky Informacni System (Czech: National Health Information System)
NZISNew Zealand Indoor Sports, Inc.
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This left the following employee sample sizes: HES 1997, 2615; HES 1998, 2675; NZIS 1997, 11,604; NZIS 1998, 10,993.
Three methods were used to impute work experience variables for the employees in the HES and NZIS samples:
j] is a vector of indicator variables for each quarter in the case of the HES regressions, and a single dummy variable for the year 1997 in the case of the NZIS regressions.
Results for the HES and NZIS samples are given in Tables 7 and 8 respectively.
Industries and occupations were defined at 2-digit level in the HES regressions and at 3-digit level in the NZIS equations.
2 The NZIS regressions included 72 industry and 57 occupational group dummies, defined at 3-digit level.
Table 2: Male-female employee educational gaps, 1984 and 1998 Males HES HES NZIS 1984 1998 1998 Highest qualification % % % No qualifications 35.
For the NZIS sample, the only information available for predicting participation independently of wages was the educational level of the respondent's spouse.