NZJOTNew Zealand Journal of Occupational Therapy
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Once again Hobcroft (1966) raised contentious issues in a letter to NZJOT.
In 1969 the NZJOT was upgraded from the small, slim Journal of previous years to a larger edition with a clear readable cover, which would support an increase in the content and quality of material published.
Following a recess between 1969 and 1972 the NZJOT resumed publication with increased professionalism and content.
Throughout the 1980s NZJOT continued to reflect changes within the profession.
In a guest editorial, De Gilio (1981), vice-president of NZAOT, stated that through NZJOT "change can be encouraged, made realistic and objective, and [assist] develop[ment of] the profession" (p.
Scaletti (1984) wrote of the professional gains the NZJOT had made during Boyd's term as editor, and of the secure base created for future development.
A Guide for Authors first appeared in NZJOT (1983-84) and Guidelines for Referees were re-produced courtesy of the Australian Occupational Therapy Journal (AOTJ), in NZJOT (1988).
Scaletti and Craig (1990), editors of the Commemorative issue of the NZJOT described the 1980s as "characterized by a marked growth in the quality and quantity of papers being offered for publication.
The Commemorative issue of NZJOT, 1990 was published to celebrate 50 years of occupational therapy in New Zealand.
Later, summarising the ongoing developments within NZJOT, Hocking (1991) commented, "I recognise NZJOT is only one part in the continuing development of the New Zealand Association of Occupational Therapists" (p.
In light of this debate and Hocking's awareness that NZJOT was a visible part of New Zealand occupational therapy's international reputation, issues of quality were addressed.
While the quality of articles published in NZJOT over recent years demonstrates that occupational therapists in New Zealand have the capacity to write for publication, many express a need for assistance in developing the requisite skills and knowledge.