NZLRINew Zealand Land Resource Inventory
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The Extended Legend of the NZLRI also includes estimates of livestock carrying capacity (stocking units (SU)/ha) for each of the mapped LUC units.
We acknowledge that several recent studies suggest higher DMI of a standard SU of ~10% on flat land (Nicol and Brookes 2007; Parker 1998); however, these are post the assessment of the carrying capacity provided in the Extended Legend of the NZLRI.
The APSIM-simulated DMY for the three regions showed a similar trend to the DMI estimated from NZLRI based on the potential carrying capacity and an assumed annual DMI of 550 kg/SU.
(2000) model were also tested against values predicted using NZLRI data.
This value is about one-third of that calculated from previously available information using the NZLRI coverage and the national soils database (Tate et al.
Gibb RG, Johnston MR, Harmsworth GR (1999) Estimating spatial thematic uncertainty in the NZLRI. In 'Paper presented at the SIRC 99.