NZLRINew Zealand Land Resource Inventory
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The Extended Legend of the NZLRI also includes estimates of livestock carrying capacity (stocking units (SU)/ha) for each of the mapped LUC units.
We acknowledge that several recent studies suggest higher DMI of a standard SU of ~10% on flat land (Nicol and Brookes 2007; Parker 1998); however, these are post the assessment of the carrying capacity provided in the Extended Legend of the NZLRI.
This value is about one-third of that calculated from previously available information using the NZLRI coverage and the national soils database (Tate et al.
It is possible that by focusing on 'difficult' and/or forested sites our sample locations coincided with heterogeneous regions not well defined by the NZLRI methodology.
Gibb RG, Johnston MR, Harmsworth GR (1999) Estimating spatial thematic uncertainty in the NZLRI.