NZLSANew Zealand Law Students' Association
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The current sample was recruited through the NZLSA database from people who volunteered to have face to face interviews.
HWR and NZLSA over-sampled for Maori and a post-stratified weighting variable was calculated to account for known discrepancies between the sample and the population.
The ACE-R has been modified for use with New Zealanders, (the 'Kiwi' ACE-R; Taylor, 2008) and permission was obtained from the developers to use the modified version in the NZLSA face-to-face interviews.
To allow for cross-country comparisons, further cognitive measures used in a large representative longitudinal study in the United States, the Health and Retirement Study (HRS), were included in the NZLSA face-to-face interviews in 2010.