NZMSNew Zealand Mud Snail
NZMSNew Zealand Microbiological Society
NZMSNew Zealand Maritime School (Auckland, New Zealand)
NZMSNew Zealand Meteorological Service
NZMSNew Zealand Mathematical Society, Inc. (est. 1974)
NZMSNew Zealand Masters Swimming
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He also drew a number of cadastral maps of survey districts for the Lands and Survey's NZMS 13 series.
Developing strategies and methods to control and manage NZMS populations in the United States is listed as one of the objectives of the National Management and Control Plan for the New Zealand mudsnail (New Zealand Mudsnail Management and Control Plan Working Group, 2007) that was developed under the auspices of the intergovernmental national Aquatic Nuisance Species Task Force to address these and other concerns.
Thus far, NZMS management efforts in their nonnative range have focused primarily on controlling their spread by limiting public access to infested water bodies, educating citizens through public awareness campaigns, and developing decontamination methods and protocols for recreationists and natural resource field workers (Richards et al.
19) Louise Shaw, Learning for Life: The Origins of Auckland University of Technology 1895-2000 (AUT/Ministry for Culture and Heritage, 2002), 13-18; Edward Bartley, 'Early Reminiscences of Auckland', NZMS 1051, ACL.
96) SMTC, Student Records-Evening Classes, 1913, Series 7, NZMS 823, ACL.
The NZMS 260 series was in its turn digitised and republished on a new projection and geodetic datum, and with a smaller sheet size.
2011) NZMS 260 and 262: our metric topographical heritage.
11-18), an abridged version of an article first published in the New Zealand Cartographic Journal in 1983, provides useful context for understanding the personal judgments and controversies that shaped the character and design of the NZMS 260 series.
Each map list includes both the edition and variant of each map in the NZMS 260 and 262 series, complete with notes on dates, revisions and reprints as well as descriptions of significant achievements realised by particular sheets or printings.
The first publication in the CartoPRESS series, NZMS 260 and 262: Our Metric Topographical Heritage is a notable reference work that belongs in all map libraries that are seriously concerned with preserving and interpreting the history of map making in New Zealand.
NZMS 260 F46 917 480) (Typic Firm Brown Soil: Hewitt 1998).