NZNONew Zealand Nurses Organisation
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Finding such a good solution to this contentious issue (ie CDs already prescribed do not require a new prescription) demonstrated how effective NZNO could be at bringing key players in the nursing workforce together.
NZNO actively works towards improving the health outcomes of all peoples of Aotearoa/New Zealand.
NZNO supported the ICN position and had a longstanding position itself that credentialing of advanced practice should be by self-regulation effected by the profession, and not through regulation by a politically appointed body.
IQNs receive the same benefits and support as all NZNO members.
PNC,NZNO looks forward to sharing the benefits of this new technology with its members as well as other NZNO Colleges & Sections.
The last IQN conference, held in Auckland, was a huge success--it was attended by nearly 100 NZNO members and cost less than $4000.
NZNO participated in meetings of nursing leaders to discuss the priorities for the nursing workforce.
Welcoming Renton, NZNO's industrial services manager, Cee Payne, said her appointment provided NZNO with continuity on industrial campaigns work, primarily on the NZNO/ district health board multi-employer collective agreement.
The reason most of us have got involved in organisations, including NZNO, is that we want to make a difference and to have our voice heard.
NZNO's employment lawyer, Jock Lawrie, said members needed to exercise caution when posting or commenting on the unofficial NZNO Facebook site, to ensure they weren't running a risk of breaching the Employment Relations Act (ERA), thus putting themselves and NZNO at potential legal risk.
There is already a memorandum of understanding between NZNO and PSA mental health nurses.
NZNO believes the more empowered women are to work, through legislative protections, the better chance they have of escaping domestic violence and rebuilding their lives.