NZOANew Zealand Orthopaedic Association
NZOANew Zealand Olive Association
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Independent producers are critical of what they call a closed funding process between TVNZ and NZOA.
This criticism notwithstanding, I suggest that a place for representative programming remains in the form of educational, informative or entertainment material, with mechanisms such as NZOA still performing a useful function in the local mediascape.
The government's neglect has produced not only a cultural crisis but a sense of outrage among organizations like NZOA, the Screen Producers and Directors Assn.
An NZOA study found this to be the lowest among the 10 countries in its survey.
An opinion poll commissioned by NZOA in August revealed 63% of Kiwis agreed that the amount of local programs shown on TV should increase.
In a review issued in February, NZOA warned that its funding must be increased if it is to sustain the level of local content - and meet increased demands for funding.
Communicado also is developing "The Chosen," a four-hour mini for TVNZ, backed by NZOA and Beyond, about a threatening cult that moves into a small rural town.
Also chipping in coin are NZOA, the New Zealand Film Commission and TV3.
She left the NZOA in 1995 to become a media director at advertising agency Saatchi before taking up her current role five months ago.