NZODANew Zealand Official Development Assistance
NZODANew Zealand Overseas Development Agency
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Like any other overseas donor-funded program, the FSC continues to depend on aid from sources such as NZODA, AusAID, and Save the Children's Fund for its day to day administration, overhead costs, services, and salaries.
Other current programs run through NZODA include study scholarships for tertiary students in PNG and a fresh food marketing program.
administering NZODA should be examined in comparison to other possible
review recommended that NZODA should be administered by an autonomous
both reviews considered that NZODA was too dispersed over too
If all the recommendations of the review are picked up, the NZODA core focus on the South Pacific will be retained and strengthened.
The authors, Joseph Grossman and Annette Lees, seem to believe that to create a case for a new and separate aid agency it was first necessary to slag the way NZODA has been run.