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NZPANew Zealand Press Association
NZPANew Zealand Players' Association
NZPANew Zealand Police Association
NZPANew Zealand Pistol Association (now Pistol New Zealand)
NZPANew Zealand Polo Association
NZPANew Zealand Ports Authority
NZPANew Zealand Postal Agency
NZPANew Zealand Petanque Association
NZPANew Zealand Parking Association
NZPANew Zealand Parachute Association, Inc.
NZPANew Zealand Privacy Act
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Owned by and serving the country's daily newspapers, NZPA also supplies news and news packages to broadcasters, Web sites and commercial clients, as welll as a range of media-monitoring and press release distribution services to corporate and government clients.
NZPA (2002b) "Drug seizures already double 2001 levels" New Zealand Herald, 28 August.
The issue was not whether Ms Martin was a competent nurse, so it was inappropriate to impose a competency test, the judge said," according to NZPA.
The Greens were reportedly furious at the development, with party co-leader Jeanette Fitzsimons quoted by NZPA as saying, ''We do not believe such a government is in New Zealand's best interests and therefore cannot in all conscience, actively provide support.
The manufacture process has occasionally resulted in chemical explosions, as the solvents used are highly flammable (personal correspondence National Drug Intelligence Bureau 2001, NZPA 2002).
Based on its UNA enterprise- application-integration architecture, Insiight will be integrated with the paper's Quicklayout ad-dummying system, the NZPA wire service, and IMS digital-asset manager.
The batters need to have a good look at themselves, and myself included," the NZPA quoted Taylor, as saying.
This is a significant event for both New Zealand and China,'' Clark was quoted by NZPA as saying.
He told reporters in Wellington that the Chinese military in the early 1950s had come, without invitation and with guns, to rule Tibet, quashing religious freedom and human rights, according to NZPA.
Kirsten Finucane, Green Lane's director of children's heart surgery, told the NZPA that "quite a large proportion" were from aborted babies, "often from terminations before 20 weeks, sent here because the heart was found to be a little funny.
Global Warming Accelerating, US Study Finds', NZPA, 24 Feb 2000.
NZPA (2000) "Farmers may take up arms to ensure safety.