NZQANew Zealand Qualifications Authority
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They have each made a valuable contribution to the NZQA Board.
Two years ago the College secured approval from the NZQA to introduce a second bachelor degree -- this time a novel inter-disciplinary degree which endeavours to cross the borders of traditional disciplines such as international relations, politics, business and the environment by linking them up through common case studies, a compulsory paper on internationalism, and an inter-disciplinary research project in the final year.
One of the aims of the Act was a more seamless tertiary sector, and to achieve this Polytechnics were given the right to award degrees as approved by NZQA.
This system is industry-led, with Industry Training Organisations (ITOs), which are partly government funded and partly industry funded, being given the sole responsibility in legislation for setting standards for training qualifications in their respective industries in co-operation with the NZQA.
Extending the Export Education Levy to cover both private and partnership schools; Enable schools to manage international student misconduct outside of school hours, to better protect students health, safety, and wellbeing; Holding providers to account for falsely awarding credits, by allowing NZQA to pursue action against offending providers.
After many years of negotiation and planning, AIT received approval from NZQA for a Bachelor of Health Science (Physiotherapy) programme which became the first degree programme offered by a New Zealand polytechnic.
The full 2016 final NCEA results will be published on the NZQA website.
Education for health care assistants at level 3 or 4 on the NZQA framework is consistent with NZNO's position statement in regard to stair casing for education.