NZRBNew Zealand Racing Board
NZRBNew Zealand Rifle Brigade (est. 1915)
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While the NZRB is the overarching body of all sports betting in New Zealand, there is an "awkward tiered" (96) relationship among the various participant institutional structures.
102) Effectively, the TAB conducts the retail operations of the NZRB.
156) However, sales promotions conducted in New Zealand as well as internet gambling by the NZLC and the NZRB are both exceptions.
161) In 2008, the NZRB estimated that 20 per cent of the New Zealand gambling market was being spent offshore.
Today, the NZRB and the NZLC compete with the ever-increasing world providers of internet gambling.
In 2008, the NZRB declared that its "seven new-look TAB stores in Auckland"' with "features .
206) Under associated regulations, the NZRB is required to display clearly visible signage at its venues that encourages players to gamble only at levels they can afford and contains advice about how to seek assistance for problem gambling.
The NZRB has issued a Responsible Gambling Code of Practice and a Harm Prevention and Minimisation Policy.
As part of this process, the NZRB provides a number of initiatives to combat problem gambling.