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NZRFUNew Zealand Rugby Football Union
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How do you feel women's rugby is supported by the NZRFU at present?
Using as a framework the economics of organization (McMillan, 1992; Milgrom and Robens, 1992), I shall examine the economics of professional rugby, focusing on the relationships between the NZRFU, the provincial teams, and the players.
Even now, with the feeble IRB ruling out action because of its law limiting the citing of incidents to within 12 hours of any offence, the NZRFU should remember its dignity, history and importance to world rugby and ban the guilty pair.
But any more games in the Northern Hemisphere wouldn't be considered to be part of their original tour and the NZRFU hope any further revenue could be shared 50/50 between the unions involved.
This appointment is not totally unexpected and I am now considering sending an invoice to the NZRFU chief executive Chris Moller on behalf of the WRU for playing this important role in the development of two of their coaches.
Howlett is considered one of the top wingers in the world, but under NZRFU rules he will not be eligible to play for the All Blacks if he moves to a European club and that would almost certainly rule him out of the World Cup.
We are not prepared to mortgage New Zealand rugby's future to the whim of the Rugby World Cup," said NZRFU boss Murray McCaw.
The NZRFU appoints the coaches and oversees the running of five enormously successful professional franchises: Blues, Chiefs, Crusaders, Highlanders and Hurricanes.
Howarth, currently assistant coach to Pat Lam at NPC side Auckland, says there is no way the NZRFU will allow Deans, the WRU's number one target at the start of their search, to defect to Wales.
We have been working very closely with the NZRFU to make sure we get that right.
I am content to take back jurisdiction in this case if the NZRFU feel more comfortable with that course of action,'' said Blackett, who will preside over the disciplinary hearing.
The NZRFU acknowledged Devine was ineligible after checking his background but requested the special dispensation.