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nz, past reports have suggested a number of Australian league players have used such a blend, which is believed can have the same effects as recreational drugs without breaching the World Anti-Doping Code, with NZRL chief Phil Holden saying the first step is determining players' access to prescription drugs.
Stating that the NZRL probe will investigate whether the players' performance in the World Cup final was inhibited by their use of prescription drugs, Holden also said that the World Cup final is also a part of the probe, adding that they are concerned about it from a player welfare perspective and whether it is an appropriate use of medication.
Chalmers said the NZRL had not given any thought yet to considering options for an Australian player to replace Johns.
The NZRL regrets the error it made and sincerely apologises to all the players, teams, fans, clubs and stakeholders.
Nathan Fien acted honestly at all times in his disclosures to the NZRL.
He said New Zealand intended bringing the issue up at the May 25 draw for the 2000 World Cup in London and revealed NZRL chief executive Gary Allcock would be seeking a board agreement today to consider cancelling the Test.
The RLIF development comes after NZRL chairman Sel Bennett had revealed his body would accept any penalty handed down, despite earlier threatening a New Zealand boycott of the rest of the tournament if the Kiwis lose the points gained from beating the Lions 18-14 last weekend.
NZRL vice-chairman Selwyn Bennett revealed that organisers had reserved accommodation only for Australia and Great Britain in the lead-up to the November 26 final in Leeds, with the Kiwis scheduled to fly home after Saturday's match against Britain at Huddersfield"It was the same last year," said Bennett.
However, NZRL chairman Sel Bennett now admits Fien was picked on the basis of his GREAT grandmother.
NZRL chairman Selwyn Pearson said Anderson had been open about his manager, Jim Branaghan, contacting St Helens and the League would be prepared to release him from his contract.