NZRUNew Zealand Rugby Union
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Sevens Wellington is expected to make a significant return on investment to its 'owners'--the NZRU, and its partners - but the seemingly insatiable demand for event tickets that initially sold out in minutes, then hours, then days, no longer exists.
No financial details of the sponsorship deal were disclosed, though the NZRU said they believed it to be "the second most valuable rugby sponsorship" in the world.
Tew revealed the NZRU had been pushing the IRB to change the commercial arrangements since the 2003 World Cup and had gone public to try to ensure the issue was finalised.
An NZRU statement continued: "The timing of these changes is for the 2011 year onwards, although changes could be introduced in 2010 if all parties were in agreement.
I have signed a new contract with the NZRU until 2010," he said.
NZRU have been known to relax their policy slightly, most notably handing y-half sensation Dan Carter a sixmonth sabbatical to play for French outt Perpignan from December, but the organisation has largely stuck to its stringent stance.
To mitigate this, the NZRU again sought to implement measures that would create more even national competition thus contributing, in its terms, to 'more attractive games, greater revenues, better performance of New Zealand Super 14 Rugby and All Black teams and better cost management within New Zealand rugby generally', (13) as well as preserving a commercially viable and sustainable game.
There had been a threat that if the players did not sign up to the NZRU deal, the selectors would have been forced to put out a weaker side or even have been eliminated.
In March 2009 he was stood down by the NZRU following an alcohol incident at a SANZAR conference.
Asked about the backing he received from the NZRU following the 2007 World Cup flop, Henry replied: "I think far too many times in sport people are replaced because they don't get the right result, and quite often they're very good at what they do.
An RFU spokesperson said: "We have fully consulted with the NZRU, who confirmed they had no issues.