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NZSNew Zealand Search (search engine)
NZSNew Zealand Standard
NZSNogometna zveza Slovenije (Slovenian: Football Association of Slovenia)
NZSNiezalezne Zrzeszenie Studentow (Polish: Independent Students' Union)
NZSNew Zealand Superannuation Fund (pension)
NZSNew Zealand Shipping Co. Ltd.
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The resulting COV of the ratio of the experimental value (NSC and HSC) to the prediction from the proposed equation is 29% of those obtained for CSA Code prediction, 42% of those obtained for NZS Code prediction, 49% of those obtained for ACI318 and TS500 Code predictions, 51% of those obtained for Collins' equation, 62% of those obtained for Bazant's equation, 68% of those obtained for Rebeiz's equation, 69% of those obtained for Zsutty's equation, 75% of those obtained for EN prediction, 81% of that obtained for Kim's equation, 83% of that obtained for CEB-FIP prediction and 88% of that obtained for Okamura's equation.
Figure 15 indicates that an increase in income tax rates by 1 percentage point reduces the revenue cost of NZS (left-hand axis) by around 2% of income tax revenue in 2009/10, rising to an almost 5 % reduction by 2049/50.
5) This shows the extent to which NZS replaces the income people received before retirement, in percentage terms (Periodic Report Group 2003: 22).
It is against this background that National Superannuation was replaced by New Zealand Superannuation (NZS) in 2001, and at the same time, the New Zealand Superannuation Fund (NZSF) was created in order to prepare for the future cost of NZS.
0125 INS Materials A-516 GR 70 Capacity 5000 OPD/50000 BWPD / 40 MM Table 2: Table Consequences, (The Standard Australia / New Zealand (AS / NZS 4360: 2004) Level Guideword Description 1 Insignificant The system operates and safe, there was a slight disturbance does not mean 2 Minor The system continues to operate and secure, interference resulted in a slight decrease in performance or, impaired system performance 3 Moderate The system can operate, failure may result in the machine loses its main function and / can cause product failure 4 Major The system cannot operate.
Section 37 of the NZS Act established the New Zealand Superannuation Fund (NZSF).
Net debt, as defined in the Crown accounts, excludes the financial assets in the NZS Fund and therefore exaggerates the level of net indebtedness of the government.
The level of electromagnetic radiation at any point near a radio transmitter can be measured (detailed procedures for measurement are set out in the second part of the interim Standard, NZS 6609.
Part of their retirement income is provided by NZS and the stock of wealth equivalent to the NZS income is incorporated in [W.
12) Gains from the post-2007 regime are likely to be largest for the 45-64 age group, who are the most likely to have other savings that they can shift into KiwiSaver, most likely to benefit from the PIE regime and salary sacrifice, have the least time to wait before getting access at 65, and will still receive the universal NZS.
Interface pressures were assessed before installation in accordance with NZS 7649:1988-1 mm Hole Test [8] and then the pipe assemblies were assessed by "accelerated horizontal root ingression" at Adelaide Botanic Gardens (Australia).