NZSPNew Zealand Society of Potters
NZSPNew Zealand Society of Physiotherapists, Inc. (Wellington, New Zealand)
NZSPNew Zealand Storm Petrel (seabird)
NZSPNew Zealand-South Pacific (Kiwanis International district)
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Cullen R, Davidson M and Guthrie B (1997b): Physiotherapists who have had sexual contact with patients: the 1996 NZSP survey.
NZSP Guidelines for the Code of Ethical Principles.
This presents NZSP with major risks, and major question marks.
Such a move would bring a number of benefits to NZSP members and other New Zealand physiotherapists: four issues per year of the JoP would be delivered to members, bringing greater access to international research.
Not all letters received are published--some I redirect to the NZSP Newsletter Physio Matters--but I do encourage readers to submit more ("encourage member opinion
To help prepare authors for the expectations of the Journal and the rigours of peer review, we have begun to offer short seminars for new authors and reviewers at NZSP conferences, and have affirmed our commitment to supporting new authors in our Editorial Committee statements of mission, vision and values (Tables 2 & 3).
Work in this field is timely, in the context of recent NZSP recommendations (Copeland 2008).
The pressures facing clinical education have been the focus of recent NZSP Newsletter columns, and in this issue Mooney et al (2008) turn the microscope to the socio-political pressures facing the clinical educator.
In April, 2008, at the NZSP national physiotherapy conference in Dunedin, the inaugural meeting occurred of physiotherapists interested in the formation of an Education SIG.
For enquiries about the NZSP Education SIG, please contact Martin Kidd or Jenny Conroy, School of Physiotherapy, PO Box 56, Dunedin, New Zealand.
In the light of experience some modifications were made prior to the 2006 NZSP conference with a positive response to the changes being expressed later.
I have read with interest sonic of the recent letters to the NZSP Newsletter regarding certain physiotherapy modalities and their effectiveness and therefore use in physiotherapy practice.