NZTNew Zealand Time (GMT+1130)
NZTTelecom Corporation of New Zealand Ltd.
NZTNovaya Zemlya Trough (Kara Sea region; Russia)
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From the NZT perspective, it allowed its senior officials to counter public criticism of the excessive and inappropriate influence they had exerted on New Zealand's neo-liberal reform process (Kelsey, 1995; Goldfinch, 2000).
However, to continue his meteoric rise, Eddie must acquire a new stash of NZT.
In director Neil Burger's adrenalized, sharply edited and surprisingly engaging thriller (adapted by Leslie Dixon from Alan Glynn's novel The Dark Fields), Eddie's choice seems to be between getting knifed by another addled NZT addict or killed by the drug itself.
But when his brother-in-law Vernon (Johnny Whitworth) slips him some NZT - which enable takers to use all of their brain's capacity - he's writing pages like a demon.
When Eddie takes the tablet, a new, Technicolor world opens up to him, with NZT allowing its taker to access 100% of his brain power.
But unless you find some NZT pills in your popcorn, it's unlikely to blow your mind.
The houses surrounded by open gardens that were advertised in the NZT area, ended up as the residences enclosed by fences and walls that we know today.
At his lowest ebb, Eddie meets his former brother-in-law, who furnishes the struggling writer with a wonder pill called NZT, which reportedly increases brain activity and unleashes untapped creativity.
Bradley Cooper plays Eddie, a man who is down on his luck until he takes experimental drug NZT.