NZTUSNew Zealand Tobacco Use Survey (Ministry of Health; New Zealand)
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Initialising the NZ tobacco policy model Prevalence (current, ex smoking) NZHS 02/03 Initiation rate (and responsiveness NZTUS 06 to parental and peer role modeling) Net quit rates NZTUS 06 Smoking intensity distribution NZTUS 06 Never smoker mortality rates mo = m/[pc (RRc-1)+px(RRx-1)+1] Relative risk (RR) current smokers CPS II (duration = age-15) (by duration and intensity) RR ex-smokers (by duration) CPS II RR second hand smoke (SHS) exposure NZCMS Never smokers exposed to SHS NZHS 02/03 Population estimates and SNZ projections (including mortality trend) Where: NZHS 02/03=2002/03 New Zealand Health Survey (Ministry of Health, 2004).