NZWNew Zealand White (rabbit breed)
NZWNew Zealand Winegrowers
NZWNarodowe Zjednoczenie Wojskowe (Polish: National Military Union; anti-Communist organization; Poland; est. 1944)
NZWSouth Weymouth, Massachusetts (Airport Code)
NZWNew Zealand Wrestling
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The frequencies of genotype AA for EWR and NZW were the highest (0.
Fifty NZW growing rabbits of 60 days of age were used in a complete randomized design experiment with five treatments.
9 found highest densities of macrophages and maximum focal increases of vascular cell adhesion molecules in abdominal aorta as compared with other parts after feeding NZW rabbits a 0.
Total of 264 NZW rabbits including 162 cases and 102 controls were genotyped using HRM technology in c.
Effect of bisphenol A on murine immune function: modulation of interferon-[gamma], IgG2a, and disease symptoms in NZB x NZW [F.
One (9%) of 11 NZW rabbits from the same source was positive for eae-, stx1+ O153 strains.
66) in NZW rabbits using BLUP method (Panella et al.