NZWWANew Zealand Water and Wastes Association
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NZWWA (2002) 'Guidelines for the safe application of biosolids to land in New Zealand.
In 'Conference Papers of the 2001 NZWWA Annual Conference and Expo'.
Recently in Australia and New Zealand, guidelines have been developed to control metal contamination of soil from sewage biosolids (NZDoH 1992; SA EPA 1996; NSW EPA 1997; NZWWA 1999), reviews and changes to maximum permitted concentrations for metals in foodstuffs have occurred (ANZFA 1997), and there has Ken the development of investigation threshold guidelines for concentrations of metals in soil based on human health and plant phytotoxicity criteria (Imray and Langley 1996; NSW EPA 1998; NEPC 1999).
NZWWA grades are PU = public use grade, A = agricultural grade, and NA = non-agricultural grade