Na2S2O3Sodium Thiosulphate (Chemistry)
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The whole mixture was titrated with 0.1N Na2S2O3 solution, using 1 ml of 0.5% starch as an indicator.
After completion of reaction, iodine was quenched by saturated aqueous solution of Na2S2O3 and acetone was recovered through rotavapor.
After completion of reaction, as monitored on TLC, mixture was diluted with dichloromethane and iodine was quenched by saturated solution of Na2S2O3. Organic layer was further washed with brine and saturated solution of sodium bicarbonate and was dried over MgSO4.
Sucrase activity was measured by Na2S2O3 titration method, protease activity was measured by ninhydrin colorimetry method, polyphenoloxidase activity was measured by iodine titrimetry method, phosphatase activity was measured by disodium phenyl phosphate colorimetric method (in pH 8.5 borate buffer), urease activity was measured by sodium phenate-sodium hypochlorite colorimetric method, catalase activity was measured by KMnO4 titrimetry method, and dehydrogenase activity was measured by triphenyl tetrazolium chloride colorimetric method.
Vanadium content in the sample was then estimated using standard iodometric analysis, in which particular volume of digested sample was titrated against standard Na2S2O3 using KI as an iodine source and starch as an indicator [37].
The gel was then destained using a mixture of 3% Na2CO3, 0.56% formaldehyde, and 2 mg mL-1 Na2S2O3 until bands of DNA visualized.
Sample was titrated with 0.025 M Na2S2O3 solution to a pale straw color.