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NaOHSodium Hydroxide
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The glass bottle of two-liter capacity was filled with 2 M solution of NaOH and used as an absorber to absorb CO2 from biogas.
Dry matter intake: Dry matter was provided to the animals from the TMR based diet containing treated rice husk with 2% NaOH and control ration contained 30% un-treated rice husk.
When we compare our modified protocol with the above two mentioned studies, we observed that in the protocol proposed in the present study less concentrated solution of silver nitrate and NaOH were used.
Thereby, it has been found that when GCL is used as a solvent, the extent of PU conversion into product reaches 100% using NaOH as the catalyst before 30 min of reaction, as already suggested by Nikje and Nikrah [21].
About 0.1 g of each sample was mixed with 50 mL of 0.01 M aqueous reactant solution (NaOH, [Na.sub.2]C[O.sub.3], NaHC[O.sub.3], or HCl).
The parametric studies are composed of different NaOH concentrations, alkaline activator solution- (AAS-) to-binder ratios, and coarse aggregate sizes.
Before PALF was treated with 3, 5, and 7 (w/v) % of NaOH, in all the cases fiber content was 35 wt%.
However, this test showed that LiOH-[H.sub.2]O is superior to NaOH as the alkaline ingredient to produce a LC with higher mechanical properties (Figure 5).
1 mmol of 5-HMF, 0.1 g of catalyst in 5 mL [H.sub.2]O and 2 mmol of base (NaOH or CaC[O.sub.3]) were charged into the reactor.