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NaOHSodium Hydroxide
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When comparing the performance of the Pd-Cl/C and Pd-N/C catalysts similar behavior is observed in presence of NaOH, but is distinct when is used CaCO3 and especially the differences in activity observed between PdCl/C and PdN/C could be attributed to, at least in part, to the residual chlorine on the catalyst surface and to the electronic effects due to electrodeficient species present on the chloride catalyst.
2] composite was milder method--it required lower temperature and oxygen pressure, smaller initial NaOH concentration.
The mixtures activated only with the NaOH solution show a similar microstructure to the water mixed samples (Fig.
The pretreatment of OPMF was carried out at an ambient pressure (1atm) using different concentrations of NaOH varying from 2% to 10% (w/v) and heated at temperatures of 50degC and 70degC.
It was clear from the CSOMEs yields, that NaOH showed maximum catalytic activity for transesterification the cantaloupe oil had 94.
To analyse the thermal stability of pure epoxy, untreated and NaOH treated phoenix sp.
The attempted showed that 900gm chicken waste produced 450ml biodiesel using NaOH catalyst.
Espectroscopia Raman: Para verificar la presencia de carbonato de la muestra tratada con NaOH y las muestras calcinadas se realizo utilizando la tecnica de espectrometria Raman utilizando como fuente de excitacion un laser a una longitud de onda de 532nm.
Como tratamientos se aplicaron en una sola ocasion, alicuotas de 34; 25,5 y 17 mL de NaOH 0,5N por cada litro del cultivo de microalgas; 0,5N de NaOH que es la concentracion minima recomendada por Nava-Gomez (2014) para obtener mejores tiempos y porcentajes de floculacion con Nannochloropsis sp.
The yields and recovery of gelatin extracted from goat skin pretreated using various NaOH concentrations are shown in Table 1.