NaTHNaCNational Travel Health Network and Centre (London, UK)
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Dr Dipti Patel, joint director of NaTHNaC, said that pilgrims will also have to be vaccinated for their safety.
A more detailed report of confirmed and suspected cases was circulated to key NaTHNaC stakeholders, including the Health Protection Agency (HPA) and the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO).
NaTHNaC website statistics were obtained from Google Analytics.
The 28% increase in access to the website most likely reflected widespread interest in the pandemic, new links to the NaTHNaC website from UK authorities (e.
PHE and NaTHNaC remind pilgrims of health and travel advice for Hajj and Umrah.
Risk of MERS infection to UK residents travelling to the Middle East is low and the World Health Organization, PHE and NaTHNaC do not currently advise any travel restrictions to KSA in relation to the ongoing outbreak.
Information on insect bite avoidance and malaria prevention for specific countries is available on the NaTHNaC website.