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NAAMNorthwest African American Museum
NAAMNational Archaeological Anthropological Museum (Curaçao, Netherlands Antilles)
NAAMNorth Atlantic Aviation Museum (Gander, Newfoundland, Canada)
NAAMNational Association of Automobile Museums
NAAMNetherlands-American Association of Minnesota (Cleveland, Minnesota)
NAAMNational Association of Antique Malls
NAAMNational Association for Alternative Medicine
NAAMNational Afro-American Museum and Cultural Center (Wilberforce, Ohio)
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Finally, Naam Shabana lets co- producer Akshay continue with his image as a Bollywood superstar devoted to making commercial flicks that preach patriotism.
In The Infinite Resource, Naam argues that human ingenuity combined with the incentives of free markets can yield a world of "almost unimaginable wealth, health, and well-being.
Naam presents the scope of the near-future environmental and resource challenge, and he identifies one of its most powerful drivers: surging consumption of limited resources throughout the developing world, where tens of millions of hitherto-indigent people are attaining the substantial diets and middle-class lifestyles of industrialized nations.
Bending and stretching out under Mexico City's Revolution Monument, the aficionados of Naam yoga united in their capital city.
Nanak is the first Sikh Guru (1469-1530) who emphasised the living of a worthy life based on attuning oneself to naam, a manifestation of God's presence, which dwells within and interconnects all creation.
My oe is oop, en ek het u naam onthou, Monsieur Bonnet
Police reports said that the demonstrations and protests were staged by the Periyar Dravida Kazhagam, MDMK, and few other outfits, including Aathithamizhar Peravai , Naam Tamilar Iyyakkam, and Viduthalai Chiruttaikal Katchi,all of which are pro-LTTE political outfits and continue to agitate for the LTTE cause.
A special confection called Naam Ladoo is handed out to family and friends, and the Bains invited George Wimpey sales executive Julie Partridge to join in to show their appreciation for her assistance.
Known for toe-tapping numbers such as classic disco fave "Mera naam Chin Chin Choo" (My Name Is Chin Chin Choo) from "Howrah Bridge") and hundreds of others, Nayyar composed music for more than 50 films.
NAAM provides investors access to internally developed products, as well as to external, individual hedge funds and fund of hedge funds, through its "AlphaPlus" line of products.
A computer scientist, Naam works for Microsoft, where he helped develop Microsoft Internet Explorer and Microsoft Outlook; over the past eight years, he has spoken at numerous conferences on biotechnology.