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RAMALLAH, July 24, 2018 (WAFA) -- The KfW Development Bank, the Ministry of Finance and Planning in addition to Nablus Municipality and Palestinian Water Authority signed Monday a ten million Euro financing agreement for the first large scale reuse scheme in the West Bank, according to a statement by the German Representative Office in Ramallah.
Khaled added, shame on Israel doing such dirty piracy of deducting the Palestinian martyrs and prisoners' allowances, and then allocates them to Jewish terrorists, who committed crimes against the Palestinian people, funds Jewish terror organizations and associations, provides monthly support for them, despite being convicted by the Israeli courts of perpetrating terrorist acts against the Palestinians, and deals with them as national heroes, of whom Yehuda Etzion, Yitzhak Nir, Menachem Livni, Natan Zon, Israel Zach, members of the Secret Jewish Organization, who were convicted in 1984 of blowing up houses and cars of the Mayor of Nablus Municipality, Bassam Al-Shaqa', Mayor of Ramallah Municipality, Kareem Hana Khalaf, and Mayor of Al-Bireh Municipality, Ibrahem Al-Taweel.
The unique course was attended by 20 private sector and government executives from organisations such as Wasl Asset Management Group, Ministry Of Climate Change and Environment, Dubai Municipality, Dibba Municipality, Nablus Municipality, ECAT, Ducab, DEWA, Adma-Opco and State Audit Institution of Oman.
According to a statement of Nablus municipality, more that 25 buses carrying extremist Jewish settlers invaded what they claimed to be the area of Prophet Joseph Tomb and performed their Talmudic rites under the protection of the Israeli police.
The examination was followed by recreational activities, held in the Nablus Municipality Recreational Park and Hamdi Menko Centre, including clowns, face-painting and murals, and the children were presented with special awards and gifts, in addition to lunch.
On the third floor of the Nablus Municipality Library, there sits a room of over 8,000 books set apart from the rest.
Meanwhile, Arabtec Construction LLC and Al Mukawilon Contracting Company Ltd, a joint venture, have signed an agreement with the Nablus Municipality for the Water Loss Reduction Phase Two project for Dh44.7 million.
With the success of this project, the Nablus municipality plans to build another treatment plant on the other side of the city that will also be able to generate enough electricity and water to serve the cityae1/4aos residents.
Nablus municipality will hire four lawyers to appeal that decision and achieve a decision for allowing reconstruction, but we don't want to wait for long and wait for Israeli courts and we will provide houses for these families and we will buy them houses," said Dambaq.
The Nablus Municipality also warned that electricity would also be