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NACoNational Association of Counties (Washington, DC, USA)
NACONational AIDS Control Organisation (India)
NACONational Aeronautical Charting Office (US FAA)
NACONational Arts Centre Orchestra (Canada)
NACOName Authority Cooperative (Program for Cooperative Cataloging project)
NACONevada Association of Counties
NACONorwegian Anarchist Council
NACONetherlands Airport Consultants
NACONational Commodore
NACONational Association of Charterboat Operators
NACONebraska Association of County Officials
NACONational Association of Civic Officers
NACONational Assessment Coordination Office (USGCRP)
NACONational Association of Countries
NACONational Auxiliary Conference
NACONet Adjusted Charge-Offs (credit card industry)
NACONaval Acquisition Contract Officer
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Founded in 1935, NACo brings county officials together to advocate with a collective voice on national policy, exchange ideas and build new leadership skills, pursue transformational county solutions, enrich the public's understanding of county government and exercise exemplary leadership in public service.
The consortium of NACO, SADECO and HOK will design the expansion of the existing Terminals 3 and 4, which will enable the airport to handle 20 million to 25 million passengers a year.
If somebody is diagnosed with it, companies exclude them even if they have an insurance cover," Aradhana Johri, NACO joint secretary, said.
In order to achieve this, NACO through this grant aims to counsel and test 1.
They do not mention the total number of NGOs getting funds from NACO (denominator) to measure the magnitude of the problem, indicating shallow research (1,2).
We were shocked and appalled at the manner in which the corruption has surfaced in the NACO health programs meant to save lives of millions.
The primary purposes of the survey, sponsored by NACo and conducted by National Research Inc.
NACo started with a non-representative sample by focusing on county-run hospitals, facilities of last resort that disproportionately treat pooh uninsured patients.
benefits for illegal immigrants, said he has observed unprecedented activity from his home, just 1,100 feet from the border in Palominas, part of the Naco region.
Yet NACo spokesperson Shawn Bullard says counties are well-prepared because they have civil defense plans and deal with emergencies all the time.
It consists of 2700 Naco mechanisms which, disposed over the whole length of the building, operate 18 000 adjustable glass blades.