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NAGONederlands Archief Grafisch Ontwerpers (Dutch: Dutch Archives Graphic Designers; The Netherlands)
NAGONeuraminidase and Galactose Oxidase
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Usually (such a decision) can be made within half a year to eight months," Onodera said, expressing his desire for the decision to be made before the mayoral election in the city of Nago expected in January 2014.
The judge said Nago committed the crime due to a wish to have his older brother feel the loneliness he himself felt at being ignored by the brother.
The Camp Hansen-stationed Marine, who sustained broken bones and other injuries, was taken to Nago by a local ambulance and then handed over to the U.
Commenting on the agreement, Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi told reporters, ''I would like to respond by taking into consideration requests from local areas, including Okinawa Prefecture and Nago.
about 1,500 meters off the east coast of Nago, the site for the relocation of the heliport functions of the U.
The four reports are to be finalized at a July 8 meeting of the G-7 finance ministers in Fukuoka, western Japan, and will be submitted to and issued by their leaders when they meet July 20 in Nago ahead of the G-8 summit.
Kishimoto promised Kawashima his full-fledged support for the G-8 summit, saying Nago citizens will be urged to cooperate with the local government and the central government during the summit period, the official said.
Nago is scheduled to host the July 2000 Group of Eight summit.
People in the (Okinawa) prefecture are angry (with the central government) for going ahead with procedures in a way deceiving them," Inamine told Ichita Yamamoto, state minister in charge of issues related to Okinawa, in their meeting in the Okinawa city of Nago.
Nago was arrested after he turned himself in at Tokunoshima Police Station with a knife in his hand, saying, ''I killed my sister-in-law,'' the police said.
Rest assured, Mr Bartlett, you will feature most prominently in upcoming NAGO features.
The proposed pact, to be concluded between the central government and the city of Nago, is expected to address issues such as night flights and efforts to protect the environment.