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NAIMNational Association of Insurance Marketers (est. 1990)
NAIMncurses AIM (AOL Instant Messenger client for Linux)
NAIMNucleotide Analogue Interference Mapping (biochemistry)
NAIMNorth American Indigenous Ministries (est. 1949)
NAIMNetwork Analysis and Implementaton Management (Sprint)
NAIMNorth American Indian Ministries, Inc. (est. 2004)
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Ahmad, Tanveer Ahmad and Azmet are all suspects in the murder of Naim, who was shot outside his home.
Later, a token of gratitude was presented to Professor Dr Naim A.
Using a scanning electron microscope, Naim has captured the cellular structure of all three substances, magnified them, and mounted the resultant imagery on wood and plexiglass.
Naim was never one to jump onto the latest trends, but instead always adopted a wait, watch-and-learn strategy.
On a more optimistic note, to quote Amin Jan Naim quoting Plato: 'true power is that which aims at the good', and 'we often see today individual examples of rare persons who fight for principles instead of succumbing to baseness'.
In the opening scene of the novel, we are witness to a dastar-bandi (transferring of a title) ceremony of the Khan clan in Delhi, and are introduced to the main characters Naim and Azra, as well as cameos from some important personalities of the Indian independence movement, like Gopal Krishna Gokhale and Annie Besant.
The ministry said in a statement today that Naim Hamid, a Form Four student in fine arts succeeded in wooing the jury with his art work that brushed aside more than 500 other art works from selected students representing their respective countries such as Brunei, United Kingdom and host nation Jepan.
Hafiz Naim ur Rehman said the fast approaching election in a battle between secular and religious parties and urged people to make a choice in accordance to their values.
Israel wants to seize around 20 dumums of land in Bani Naim in order to expand the illegal settlement of Beni Hefer.
Summary: Sanctions imposed against 10 leaders of Lebanon's Hezbollah, including Hassan Nasrallah and his deputy Naim Qassem
MOHAMMAD NAIM: Another Under-19 player who caught the eye in this season's DPL after a lean U-19 World Cup in New Zealand, Naim was among the top ten run-scorers, with 556 runs from 12 innings, after not being an automatic choice for Rupganj.