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NAJACNational Aboriginal Justice Advisory Committee (Australia)
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It's heartbreaking when authorities forcibly clear away mechanical genius Henri's beloved car carcasses; bracing when locals--most of whom rely on the soil for their livelihood--protest the prospect of Najac being used as a dumping ground for nuclear waste.
The surrounding area around Najac reminds me of Shropshire, my favourite county in the UK, but with decent weather.
lt;< L'equipe terrain >> incluait egalement Marie-Claude Bourdon, Christelle Cassan, Caroline Desilets, Marie-Noelle Fortin, Isabel Heck, Anne Catherine Kennedy, Geraldine Mossiere, Sandra Najac, Amantina Osorio et Julie Paquette.
Implementation of routine small earthworks, Confortation, sanitation and road repair - West subdivision - Najac cantons, Villeneuve and Villefranche de Rouergue.
Millbury: Stephanie Beaucage, Kristin Buffone, Kevin Cullen, Robert Gauthier, Peter Maynard, Julia McCoskery, Grace Muriithi, Mercy Muturi, Medjine Najac, Ginger Otten.
Ici Najac, a vous la terre," Jean-Henri Meunier (France)
Ici Najac, a vous la terre (Najac Calling--Over to You Earth)/Jean-Henri Meunier; Little Bear Ocean Films (French distrib) Documentary about inhabitants of a small village in southern France who take a stand against creeping globalization.