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NKNo Kidding
NKNatural Killer (immunology)
NKNorth Korea
NKNot Known
NKNogometni Klub (Croatian: Football Club)
NKNippon Kaiji Kyokai (ship classification society)
NKSpirit Airlines
NKNorth Kitsap
NKNordiska Kompaniet (Swedish department store)
NKNo Keyword
NKNoritsu Koki (Japan)
NKNew York to Key West (routing designation; US Navy)
NKNeuroenergetic Kinesiology
NKNippon Kasei (Nippon Kasei Chemical Co., Ltd. Japan)
NKNaked Killer (Diablo 2/LoD game)
NKNice Kill (gaming)
NKNorth Kanara (Indian district)
NKNaya Kadam (Suriname)
NKNorth Karana (Everquest)
NKNuclear Kill (warhead)
NKNorthern Plains of Karana (Everquest)
NKNewton-Kantorovich Method
NKNice Kicker (online poker)
NKNanokiero Media (Internet company)
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Alongside Papa Sam's and Uncle Jean-Luc's more excessive incursions into stylized brutality, they join a fetish-movie roll call marked by irony and obsession: Johnny Guitar, Kiss Me Deadly, Touch of Evil, Videodrome, and Naked Killer, to name but a few.
The so-called Category III films - with titles like Naked Killer and Escape From Brothel - are made in Hong Kong but are flooding into Britain.
It's much easier to wax rhapsodic over Wong's formalist panache if you've never seen the wondrously unhinged Naked Killer, an HK B-movie of such elegantly deranged perversity and gleeful psychosexual mischief it explodes every convention it careens over.