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NAMASNational Measurement Accreditation Service
NAMASNational Accreditation of Measurement and Sampling (UK)
NAMASNational Association of Medical Aid Societies (est. 1969; now Association of Healthcare Funders of Zimbabwe)
NAMASNorth American Miniature Australian Shepherd (dog breed)
NAMASNational Alliance of Medical Auditing Specialists
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Where necessary, pilot projects will be carried out with co-financing to refine the designs and demonstrate their feasibility, or as a practical test of the NAMA concepts and of the financing mechanisms and MRV systems.
Identifying and developing two bankable NAMAs, as well as guidelines for NAMA development and implementation
Developing a national system for measuring, reporting and verifying GHG emissions data, including an integrated MRV system for sectoral NAMAs
Firstly, by identifying sources of financing for NAMAs it will accelerate their implementation and possibly boost their mitigation effect.
For a small island country like Grenada, NAMAs present an opportunity for an energy transition, where the benefits are not on climate change mitigation but on energy security, and employment creation, said Hugh Sealy, Associate Professor of the St.
IRENA and the Spanish Office of Climate Change launched the handbook jointly at a joint side-event at COP 18 with over 100 participants in attendance for a panel discussion on NAMAs.
Objective: The Mexican New Housing NAMA is implemented.
Approach: The NAMA Facility combines technical assistance to CONAVI with financial incentives in cooperation with the Mexican social housing development bank Sociedad Hipotecaria Federal (SHF) to pave the way from initial NAMA development towards broad sector-wide implementation of sustainable housing construction.