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NYOPName Your Own Price (business strategy)
NYOPNew York Opera Project (New York, NY; stage performance group; est. 1992)
NYOPNeighborhood Youth Outreach Program (Pittsburgh, PA)
NYOPNorth York Official Plan (Ontario, Canada)
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"Shall we say twenty guineas for this work of art?--fifteen, five, name your own price. The gentleman without the elephant is worth five pound."
Name your own price. I have a curious fancy To see you in this wonder of the loom Amidst the noble ladies of the court, A flower among flowers.
To participate in the Name Your Own Price Oil Change fundraiser, interested individuals can call Shade Tree Garage at 973-540-9880.
"The benefit of our Name Your Own Price product is that consumers can get dramatically discounted rates -- sometimes over 50 percent off,'' she said.
He is forecast to go off at around 1-5 against a field of class two-milers of which only Sanctuaire is expected to have an SP in single figures, while you can almost name your own price about a contender of the calibre of William's Wishes, unbeaten in five races over fences.
You can name your own price and download the sampler at drumwithour hands.bandcamp.com.
According to priceline.com, holiday travellers can find lower fares by selecting off-peak travel days, which are displayed on priceline.com's free Best Days To Fly travel calendar at http://pcln.com/bestdays, while some tickets are available for flexible travellers by using priceline.com's Name Your Own Price airline ticketing service at http://www.priceline.com/flights.
Priceline.com Priceline.com announced the launch of the Priceline Big Deal Guarantee covering all of its Name Your Own Price travel services, including airline tickets, hotel rooms, rental cars -- and Priceline Vacation Packages.
Founder Jay Walker had already filed patents for the 'Name Your Own Price' idea--they just needed to make it work.
priceline.com - if you are a flexible traveler, here you can name your own price for airfare, hotel, and car rental
Some great savings can be found at www.priceline.co.uk which lets you name your own price on airline tickets, hotel rooms and car hire.