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NEENextEra Energy (Juno Beach, FL)
NEENet Ecosystem Exchange
NEENecessidades Educativas Especiais (Portuguese: Special Education Needs)
NEENetwork Education Exchange (online cooperative)
NEENational Energy Equipment, Inc. (Canada)
NEENamed Entity Extraction (meta tagging)
NEENúcleo de Estudantes de Economia
NEENorth Eastern Electric Co. (various locations)
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Lexalytics Data Extraction Services leverages its Salience text analytics engine to provide greater insights and automatically organize data into a format that includes features such as summarization, sentiment analysis, intentions, named entity extraction, categories and themes.
Seo, "Lightweight Named Entity Extraction for Korean Short Message Service Text," KSII Transactions on Internet & Information Systems, vol.
In Section 2 we present related work on named entity extraction for Croatian and other Slavic languages.
A search engine with advanced features (search on document title, named entity extraction, ...) must identify them rapidement.L analysis of information offered by the tool will allow you to explore the contents of based and retrieve relevant information in a large volume of donnees.l tool will offer different modes of dissemination to allow each end user to select the delivery method most final tool expected to create several custom systems for monitoring structure for each client.
A third problem is the absence of letter case information in the transcribed text as most technologies for named entity extraction are actually based on capitalized words.
In cases where no component was readily available, we developed a minimal capability for MITAP, for example, scripts for capture of news sources or use of named entity extraction for headline generation and binning of messages into appropriate newsgroups.
After the lists of names have been generated, Each line of video OCR output is then compared against each name in the name lists generated from the named entity extraction and the census data.
Visualization of text data available in news articles can be based on named entity extraction, as news are usually mentioning some named entities (e.g., people, countries, organizations) putting them in some relation.
It is also very easy to extend the named entity extraction service to other foreign language models, and Basis is continually working to add new off-the-shelf language support for important languages of interest to its customers.
Named entity extraction from speech: Approach and results using the TextPro system.
There are various existing systems and tools that tackle either named entity extraction and resolution, identification of facts, document summarization.
For named entity extraction we consider GATE (General Architecture for Text Engineering) [3] , which was used as a toolkit for natural language processing.