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And because the policy defines insureds to include relatives who were "residents" of a named insured's home, and excludes personal liability coverage for intentional and criminal actions by "any insured," the district court determined that there was no coverage as to Dora Sam for the shooting.
"There is no dispute that Plum Creek, the named insured, did reject uninsured motorist coverage and did so in writing.
A coverage-extension provision in a commercial property insurance policy does not entitle the named insured to fire damage coverage for a building owned by the insured's recently acquired subsidiary.
It also rejected the argument that "insured" really means "named insured," and the argument that internal allocation of the loss informs the definition of insured.
Quattlebaum held that the law is clear: The "named driver exclusion is enforceable so long as the named insured makes the declaration," he said.
A "first named insured" must sign a rejection of coverage or selection of lower limits before it can take effect.
District Court for the Middle District of Florida granted summary judgment in favor of GEICO, concluding that the phrase "the named insured" in the policy was "unambiguously plural" and, therefore, that the Suzuki did not qualify as a "temporary substitute auto."
Notes: successful bidders will be required to enter into a three (3) year initial lease with a one year (renewable lease), option thereafter and shall provide the city with a copy of the lessee~s liability insurance in an amount not less than $1,000,000 and list the lessor as an additionally named insured.
Answer: Although "non-owned auto" under the PAP often includes rental cars, the rental vehicle still must otherwise meet the definition of a non-owned auto and not be "furnished or available for the regular use" of the named insured.
Advisors should know that insurance on property that has been put in a trust or has been transferred to an LLC can be handled in one of two ways: The LLC or trust can be the "named insured" on the policy, or it can be the "additional insured or additional interest" on the policy of the person(s) who placed the property in the trust or transferred ownership to an LLC.
The court found that under New York law, if a loss involves a named insured's employee who is injured while performing the named insured's work, the connection is sufficient to trigger an additional insured arising out of operations endorsement, regardless of fault.
Protective coverage indemnifies the named insured for costs incurred--in excess of the design prof essional's prof essional liability insurance--as a result of negligent acts, errors and omissions committed by design prof essionals under contract with the named insured.