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NUPNational Union of Pensioners
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NUPNecrotizing Ulcerative Periodontitis (oral condition)
NUPNamed User Plus (application licensing)
NUPNeînceperea Urmaririi Penale (Romanian: not pressing legal charges)
NUPNew User Password
NUPNew Untitled Page (website)
NUPNon-Unitary Pre-Coder
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Standard Edition One tambien se encuentra disponible con la licencia Usuario Designado Plus (Named User Plus) a $149 dolares por usuario con un minimo de cinco usuarios.
a90620) 600 pcs named user plus enterprise edition (item no.
Business Intelligence Standard Edition One - Named User Plus Perpetual - 10 pcs (currently in service tech.
Consumption (renewal) for customer system (bcc): - 128 x oracle database enterprise edition - named user plus perpetual full use, - 128 x oracle internet application server enterprise edition - named user plus perpetual full use, for a period of 23.11.2018 to 30.6.2019.
Tenders are invited for Oracle database enterprice edition software license update and software product support (named user plus perpetual qty.
atp already has 100 oracle database standard edition 2 named user plus licenses with active software maintenance subscriptions.
- 150 existing Oracle Named User Plus (NUP) Diagnostic license License Delivery (ORALDIAGNUP) 31/12/2017 ending tracking software,
Internet Developer Suite - Named User Plus Perpetual 1 05.01.2016 - 31.12.2016;
1) Purchase of licenses - 4 licenses of Oracle Database Enterprise Edition - Processor Perpetual,- 5 licenses of Oracle Internet Application Server Enterprise Edition - Processor Perpetual,- 1 license Oracle Internet Developer Suite - Named User Plus Perpetual2) Purchase of technical support services (Oracle Software Update License & Support) for the period from the entry into force of the Treaty until 31.12.2016- 4 licenses of Oracle Database Enterprise Edition,- 5 licenses IAS Enterprise Edition- 1 license Internet Developer Suite.
determining the object and the size or scope of the contract: The contract is for the purchase of licenses Oracle Business Intelligence Publisher - Named User Plus Perpetual (for 110 users) Oracle Corporation or equivalent software along with technical support services for 12 months for the purpose operated at the NBP ZSK system SGW
Database Enterprise Edition Named User Plus Perpetual.
The contract is to ensure the provision by the Contractor to the Employer Technical Assistant (ATiK) in relation to Oracle programs for which they were granted to the Purchaser by virtue of other licenses, including software a) OPL-280101-2876-EC Oracle Database Enterprise Edition - 47 Processorsb) OPL-280101-2876-EC Internet Application Server Enterprise Edition - 8 Processorsc) OPL-271098-1854 Oracle Database Personal Edition -18 Named User Plusd) OPL-040500-001015-EC Internet Developer Suite - 7 Named User Pluse) OPL-280197-946-zmigr Internet Developer Suite - 3 Named User Plus.