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El alma de los huesos, cuando mueres, ya se convierte en nanse huayan (fragmento de entrevista con Rafael Chanchari, Iquitos, 1008).
El alma de la sombra (kiru wa'yan), el alma del ojo, que representa la envoltura del cuerpo (ya'pira wa'yan), el alma de la sangre (nuwawe'e) y el alma del hueso (nanse wa'yan).
Will or desire (le), in contrast to thought (nanse), is a very commonly used concept.
Thus, in following Veldhuis' argument regarding Lagas and the goddess Nanse, it is tempting to see the inclusion of the Enheduana and Ninsatapada material as a nod to these once prominent cities.
Religion, Literature and Scholarship: The Sumerian Composition of "Nanse and the Birds." Leiden: Brill and Styx.
Religion, Literature, and Scholarship: The Sumerian Composition of Nanse and the Birds, with a Catalogue of Sumerian Bird Names.
These depict the seated or standing goddess, identified variously as Gula, Bau (Baba), and Nanse, and large geese.
What is shown as a long box in the same case in Steinkeller's copy is in fact two signs, SUG and NANSE. The top wedge at an angle of NANSE is visible in both plates, as well as the frame of SUG.