NARADNaval Air Research & Development
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We should learn from Devrishi Narad the art of establishing dialogue with the world," she said.
As the story unfolds; on Lord Vishnu's request, Narad Muni visits Hiranakashyap's kingdom to see his new born baby Prahladh.
The Strix Systems solution not only solves the problem of extending services without costly network construction, but provides quality of service and virtual LAN capabilities to deliver a multitude of services, with carrier class reliability options," said Michael Collette, CEO of Narad Networks.
I can recommend Karen Pollock (2005) and Patrick Mason and Christine Narad (2005), who wrote about developmental and phonological development of children adopted from China.
Using DSP Builder for our next-generation equalizer and error correction schemes significantly reduced the amount of time required to evaluate and prove the design," said Pinar Ormeci, design engineer at Narad Networks.
Narad marketing director Mark Heslop says that his company's technology could boost cable's seven to 100 megabyte per second (Mbps) bandwidth to 100 Mbps both ways: not as fast as fiber but fast enough to handle voice and video, and at a much lower cost.
TELECOMWORLDWIRE-17 May 2002-RAD teams with Narad for product integration (C)1994-2002 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD http://www.
The king wanted us to wear bakus (the Bhutanese national dress), to speak Drukpa and to follow the driglam namza code of conduct by which Bhutanese live even though we are Hindus,'' Narad Adhikari, a member of the Indo-Bhutan Friendship Society, said.
Narad goes to the pension office to try to release the pension, but he receives instead the classic bureaucratic runaround and eventually is told, "You see, this place, too, is like a temple.
The remaining three--Kane's Drauni Mani Haran, Krishnaji Hari Dikshit's Kalicha Narad (Wicked Narad [Troublemaker]; 1910), and Khadilkar's Kichaka-Vadha--mined the Mahabharata, the massive repository of ancient narratives that has shaped Indian literature, visual arts, performance, philosophy, law, and above all, religion.
Narad, Susan, "Labor Woos Women," Dun's Business Month, September 1984, beginning on p.
Before joining Atlas, Ozalp was VP of Marketing at Narad Networks, a VC-backed start-up company in the broadband access and cable infrastructure space, which was acquired by Ciena (Nasdaq:CIEN).