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17] opioids is not the same as treating pregnancy and opioid dependence Case studies Narcotic withdrawal Rementeria and American Journal in pregnancy: Nunag [5] of Obstetrics and Stillbirth incidence Gynecology, 1973 with a case report Fetal stress from Zuspan et al.
6) Also, one consequence of narcotic withdrawal, unless this is appropriately dealt with, is increased sensitivity to pain.
After sorting out her problem list--COPD, tobacco dependence, bronchitis, new-onset diabetes secondary to chronic steroids, narcotic withdrawal from self-discontinuation of her opiate pain medication--I wrote out prescriptions and a list of instructions and arranged for follow-up.
Taking OxyContin daily can result in physical dependence, a condition in which the body shows signs of narcotic withdrawal if the OxyContin is stopped suddenly.
The rapidity of narcotic weaning observed around the time of extubation may lead to symptoms of narcotic withdrawal, especially with longer-term narcotic use.
Watch for signs and symptoms of narcotic withdrawal
The medications may be less effective because of patient tolerance, and treatment for side effects with narcotic antagonists may precipitate narcotic withdrawal.