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NARFNative American Rights Fund
NARFNorges Autoriserte Regnskapsføreres Forening (Norwegian: Norwegian Association of Authorized Accountants)
NARFNike Animal Rescue Foundation
NARFNewport Autumn Rowing Festival
NARFNorth American Racewalking Foundation
NARFNational Association of Retired Firefighters
NARFNational Agricultural Research Foundation
NARFNorth American Raccoon Federation (Montreal, Canada band)
NARFNuclear Attack Readiness Formation
NARFNorth Alabama Regional Furs
NARFNavy Arctic Research Facility
NARFNaval Aircraft Rework/Refit Facility
NARFNetwork Access Request Form (used by the IT department to change network access rights for an employee)
NARFNormal Age Related Forgetfulness
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From the methods described in Table 1, this work implemented three local 3D features FPFH, SHOT, and NARF descriptors.
el vinculo entre Cleveland y la narf llega a ser muy estrecho, y esta sintonia estriba en dos cualidades por parte del personaje humano: inocencia infantil y fe en la fantasia.
For example, Association on American Indian Affairs Executive Director Jack Trope, who represented Native American amici, had long been familiar with NARF, which represented some amici in Bear Lodge; however, it was the first time he had met any of the Becket Fund principals.
Edmonds said the firm assisted in writing a letter of apology on NARF letterhead that was sent to the entire audience.
Which, getting down to the basics, involves emotionally damaged stuttering apartments superintendent Cleveland Heep (Paul Giamatti, far better than the film warrants) discovering a bedraggled mystery girl (Bryce Dallas Howard, limited to expounding chunks of character back story while looking pale, scared and earnest) in the swimming pool and learning she's some sea-nymph (a Narf, oh dear) out of old myths here to kickstart a blocked writer (aka the vessel') before getting the last eagle back to her own world.
In this tale we have the human world accepting the notion of a nymph (or Narf as she is called here) as well as nasty wolflike Scrunts, monkey-like Tartutics and even a giant eagle-type thing called the Great Eatlon.
Turns out she's not just some chavvy neighbour abusing the complex's facilities, she's a water-nymph thing called a Narf.
She quickly explains that she's a narf, a sea nymph sent to communicate an important message for all mankind.
Story is alternately fearful and full of otherworldly serenity, forcing Cleveland to elicit clues regarding the myth and how best to assist her from Young-Soon (Cindy Cheung), whose Korean-speaking mother is well versed in Narf lore.
Grassroots service organizations, supported by the Johnson administration's Office of Economic Opportunity to fight the War on Poverty, sprang up in many reservation communities, and the NARF was established to provide legal advocacy.
NARF [Native American Rights Fund] manages to get some land back, and legally, things are better than they used to be, in the sense that they're fighting some cases and winning.
In the case of Norway, which constitutes the setting for this study, NARF (Norges Autoriserte Regnskapsforeres Forening [The Norwegian Association of Authorized Accountants]), the main professional association for accountants with a small firm focus, has for the past five years been actively encouraging its membership to regard itself as business advisers.