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NASCOMNASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) Communications
NASCOMNASA Communications Center
NASCOMNASA Communications System
NASCOMNaval Air Systems Command
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A single Nascom high security switch offers commercial properties the high level of perimeter security required by the U.S.
"People want to do anything they can to improve personal security for themselves." Nascom believes its high security switch will rapidly supplant the reed switch as the industry standard, as surely as the reed switch replaced the mechanical switch before it.
"The Nascom switch is going to replace every reed in every contact and transmitter made in the future," says Bill Herrett, owner.
The network for the Shuttle orbiter flight program consists of 18 ground stations equipped with 14, 30, 40 and 85-foot S-band antenna systems and C-band radar systems, the NASA Communications System (NASCOM) augmented by 15 Department of Defense geographical locations providing C-band support and one Defense 60-foot S-band antenna system.
The tracking network is linked by the NASA Communications Network (NASCOM), from which all information flows to and from Mission Control Center at the Space Center in Houston.
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