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In addition, the basic concept of the iterative Nash bargaining solution is used to solve the developed Blotto game model.
The dashed curve in Figure 2 shows the objective function that the Nash Bargaining solution maximizes.
A Nash bargaining solution satisfies rationality axioms to the mutual advantage of both players.
As mentioned before, with no delay between offers and counteroffers the offer procedure at stage 2 approximates the Nash bargaining solution where the principal's and agent 1's and 2's bargaining powers are [[gamma].
12 and 13a, we recalculate the Nash bargaining solution by maximizing the Nash product G = [[PI].
Hence, for [gamma] = 0, the Nash bargaining solution yields the same spending bias as in the case of the aggregation of individual optimal spending decisions by the SMs.
We have assumed that the unions and the upstream firms bargain over the wage and settle on the (generalized) Nash bargaining solution, but the firm is free to set whatever employment level it wishes.
For a textbook example of a Nash bargaining solution in a corporate finance context, see Hart (1995).
In the numerical example under consideration, Cooter's simplified version of the Nash bargaining solution suggests that Congress should receive [TV.
Assume that an agreement between the two nations can be characterized by the Nash bargaining solution.
The outcome of the wage bargaining is assumed to be given by the Nash bargaining solution which, as shown by Binmore et al.