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The clinical data of the patients was noted for the various interventions which included intravenous line, naso-gastric tube, ambu bag, endotracheal tube, ventilator and surgery.
FOOD trial, a study that compared patients with PEG and naso-gastric tube feeding in 321 stroke patients, had found that early PEG feeding (within 30 days) was associated with increased risk of death or poor outcome of 7.8% ( CI : 0-15.5) compared to naso-gastric tube feeding after 6 months.
He has been taking limited nutrition supplements voluntarily, but when his blood sugar dropped significantly today, his doctors asked for and received his consent to insert a naso-gastric tube for nutrition.
The Friedman mean rank was highest for catheterisation of urinary bladder (11.66) and passing of a naso-gastric tube (12.44).
( She began to require naso-gastric tube feedings at home once her oral intake dropped and weight-gain slowed dramatically.
A naso-gastric tube holder that is designed to remain in place for up to three days is available from Dale Medical Products Inc., the Plainville, Mass.-based company said.
Some specialists are promoting a treatment where liquid faeces from a healthy donor are passed into the bowel of an infected patient through a naso-gastric tube to recolonise the infected bowel with healthy bacteria.
Gingell has not provided evidence to back up the statement but, speaking this week to the Racing Post, insists he was referring to the use of sodium bicarbonate, bought over the counter at Tesco, mixed with water and syringed into the mouth, not the practice of administering with a naso-gastric tube.
Apart from a naso-gastric tube running from her nose to her stomach it would be difficult to spot any differences.
Pathogenic colonization of the oral flora in frail elderly patients fed by naso-gastric tube or percutaneous entero-gastric tube.
But after 30 days doctors ordered him to be fed through a naso-gastric tube.
For two years and nine months, he has refused solid food and is force-fed through a naso-gastric tube.