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NASTRANNASA Structural Analysis (Computer Program)
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Hence, the new Autodesk package will allow customers who get Inventor for $2,500 a year, to save themselves $7,500 a year by getting both Nastran and HSMWorks free.
Jerad Stack, Firehole's CEO added "We are eager to move this partnership forward and provide NEi Nastran users access to results that are more accurate and realistic than classic composite theory.
While the product is based on established technologies, NEi Nastran and SolidWorks, the combination is new enough to show exciting improvements with every release.
Noran Engineering develops, sells, and supports NEi Nastran engineering analysis and simulation software worldwide for companies in aerospace, automotive, maritime, military, petrochemical, medical, electronics, and consumer products to speed up product development, reduce test and prototyping cost, insure quality, and optimize designs through virtual testing of structures with linear and nonlinear static, dynamic, and thermal loads.
MSC Nastran and Patran enable us to offer a broader range of analysis solutions.
com/> (FYD) has added NEi Nastran to enhance its composite structural <http://www.
Capability: NEi Nastran Modeler is a pre- and post-processor used to model various products, processes, and systems.
This new version of MSC Nastran gives engineers a highly functional, single solver to perform multidisciplinary analyses including linear statics, dynamics, and implicit and explicit nonlinear for simulation of everyday common to complex application use cases.
The selection of MD Nastran is a significant step in the company's migration from point to integrated solutions, reducing the diversity of systems in use, while simultaneously providing a common computational analysis capability across the many different fields of structural mechanics
Nastran for Windows users to the UGS Femap with Nastran finite element analysis software.
Attendees will get a first hand demonstration of the superior simulation capabilities provided by Firehole Technologies' advanced composite analysis features directly integrated into NEi Nastran v10.
Nastran(TM) for Windows(R) (a product based on UGS' Femap(R) product and previously sold by MSC) users to UGS' own Femap with NX(TM) Nastran analysis solution.