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NATHANNetworked Android Trained for Hazardous Assassination and Nullification (science fiction)
NATHANNatural Hazard Assessment Network (Munich Reinsurance Company)
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``I grant thee, Nathan, that it is a dwelling of those to whom the despised Children of the Promise are a stumbling-block and an abomination; yet thou knowest that pressing affairs of traffic sometimes carry us among these bloodthirsty Nazarene soldiers, and that we visit the Preceptories of the Templars, as well as the Commanderies of the Knights Hospitallers, as they are called.'' *
``I know it well,'' said Nathan; ``but wottest thou that Lucas de Beaumanoir, the chief of their Order, and whom they term Grand Master, is now himself at Templestowe?''
``And truly have they termed him,'' said Nathan the physician.
He then explained to Nathan the pressing cause of his journey.
``Go thou,'' said Nathan Ben Israel, ``and be wise, for wisdom availed Daniel in the den of lions into which he was cast; and may it go well with thee, even as thine heart wisheth.
After some deliberation, the young master replied, "Nathan, in your place, I think I should feel very much so, myself.
As Nathan settles down for a meal with a view with Sean, the conversation turns to party tricks, which leads to a sordid penis joke.
But just before he turned a week old, a routine assessment from a health visitor revealed Nathan was stiff and struggling to breathe.
But in his intoxicated state, Nathan ended up on a different platform, where he attempted to climb onto a stationary Virgin train.
Nathan, pictured above, will be returning to the Easterbrook Hall on November 7 as part of his latest tour.
Now Nathan, his mum Alison, dad Martin and a medic who cared for him, have opened up on the story of the day that would change their lives for ever - and what has happened since.
Nathan, 17, from Waterloo - one of identical twin brothers - took his own life on February 27, 2013, and mum and dad Len and Gail are determined that his death will not be in vain.