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NANot Available
NANot Applicable
NANatrium (Sodium)
NANorth America
NANational Association
NANo Answer
NANational Assembly
NANative American
NANational Archives
NANon Turbo (auto)
NANational Academy
NANamibia (ISO country code, top level domain)
NANarcotics Anonymous
NANot Authorized
NANurse Assistant
NANational Alliance (white supremacist group)
NANatural Area (Virginia Parks Department)
NANetherlands Antilles
NANauru (South Pacific country)
NANeighborhood Association
NANetwork Adapter
NANumerical Aperture
NANot Approved
NANeeds Assessment
NAnumerical analysis
NANext Action
NANot Acceptable
NANucleic Acid
NANorthern Areas (Pakistan)
NANo Ass
NANo Account
NANaval Academy
NANational Account
NANo Action
NANetwork Analysis
NANo Access
NANaturally Aspirated
NANetwork Administration
NANo Authority
NANaughty America
NANot Assigned
NANational Academies
NANeedle Aspiration (biopsy)
NANaval Aviator (US Navy)
NANerikes Allehanda (Sweden)
NANot Analyzed
NANetwork Appliance
NANo Audio
NANuclear Assault (band)
NANambia (Africa)
NANorthern Alliance (Afghani resistance to the Taliban)
NANaval Architect
NANormally Aspirated
NANovice Agility (AKC title)
NAAvogadro's Number (chemistry, equal to 6.022e23/Mol; sometimes written as N-Sub-A)
NANo Alarm
NANot Alarmed
NANegative Approach (band)
NANeuroblastoma Cell
NANatural Adaptation (evolutionary computing)
NANaval Aircraft
NANigerian Army
NANormal Adaptation (evolutionary computing)
NANarcóticos Anónimos
NANaval Attaché
NANaruto Arena (game)
NANo Acknowledgment
NANarcotic Addiction
NANapoli - Naples (Campania, Italy)
NANever Available
NANeutral Axis
NANegative Affectivity
NANeuróticos Anónimos (Portugese, Guatemala self help group)
NANational Access
NANormal Academic
NANeuraminadase (glycoprotein on influenza virus)
NANaming Authority
NANarcotiques Anonymes (Québec)
NANorth Allegheny School District (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania)
NANinja Assassins (gaming clan)
NANew Adventures of He-Man (cartoon)
NANational Amusements Inc.
NANetwork Aspects
NANegative Atmosphere
NANeo America
NANurse Associate
NANigerian Airways
NANew Assyrian
NANode Authentication
NANormal Approval
NANitric Anhydride
NANo Acronyms
NANormal to Abnormal
NANoctem Aeternus (role playing game)
NANetwork Auditor
NANoob Alert (gaming)
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"We are working with the Second Cup team to examine all of their locations across the country, and prioritize the ones that will be most suitable for a conversion," said Derek Ogden, president, National Access Cannabis.
THE CONTACTS Construction Industry Scaffolders Record Scheme, National Access and Scaffolding Confederation, Skills Development Scotland, www.
2016 National Access, Diversity and Excellence Summit/CADE Summer Meeting SUNY Global Center | New York City
The former Metropolitan Manila Development Authority chair accused the poll body of allowing a foreign national access to the Automated Election System (AES) and introducing into it unauthorized changes via a new script and hash code.
We anticipate this unique merger of our advisors, whom are experts within our market place, and our national access to over 200 CBC offices to have significant value for our clients and strengthen our representation tools offered to both our advisors and clients," added Mr.
But courts in 15 states have found that their state provides sufficient resources, and cases are pending in 15 other states (National Access Network, 2015).
And government can help business by ensuring national access to world-class broadband connectivity.
Enocka said Police investigations will establish how foreign national access guns in South Sudan.
reinstate national access to YouTube and Twitter, after the services were
Referring to the public inquiry into the Mid Staffordshire National Health Trust scandal in the United Kingdom, the briefing said a key issue it highlighted was "an overly narrow focus on meeting national access targets and achieving financial balance".
ABL undertakes the development, maintenance and upgrades and provides national access to the HepatiC program to the Spanish Community of Hepatologists to aid in the optimal personalized management of their HCV patients, especially those being treated with Direct Acting Antiviral (DAA) therapy.
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