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NFDANational Funeral Directors Association
NFDANorth Florida Dressage Association
NFDANational Fastener Distributors Association
NFDANational Franchised Dealers Association (automobile dealers; UK)
NFDANational Flood Determination Association
NFDANotice of Final Disposition of Animals (US FDA)
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The National Funeral Directors Association has attempted to protect its members by lobbying for new state laws that would create supervisory positions for licensed funeral directors at firms that specialize in cremations and by defending ready-to-embalm laws that raise the barriers against the entry of new funeral directors.
The median cost of a metal casket is $2,400, according to the National Funeral Directors Association, and more elaborate models can top $10,000.
In fact, some studies show that death rates tend to decline during recessions; the National Funeral Directors Association says the rate fell to 7.9 per 1,000 population in 2009 compared with 8.1 in 2008.
When selling final expense insurance, most agents refer to a national average for an estimated funeral cost, such as the ones provided by the National Funeral Directors Association or the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).
The average cost of a funeral, including burial, exceeds $8,500 (National Funeral Directors Association 2004).
The National Funeral Directors Association website offers this self-serving tidbit: "As human remains begin to decompose almost immediately after death ...
Nationally, the average price for an adult funeral is $6,130, according to a 2001 National Funeral Directors Association survey.
This year's winners are the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, Washington, D.C.; the California Thoracic Society, Tustin; the National Association of Realtors, Washington, D.C.; the National Electrical Contractors Association, Bethesda, Maryland; the National Funeral Directors Association, Brookfield, Wisconsin; the National Paint and Coatings Association, Washington, D.C.; the National Roofing Contractors Association, Rosemont, Illinois; and the Utility and Transportation Contractors Association of New Jersey, Allenwood.
According to the National Funeral Directors Association, a trade organization, in 1999--the most recent year for which figures were available--the "average" cost of a funeral was $5,778. launched its Web site in early October with the exclusive endorsement of the National Funeral Directors Association, the leading membership organization in the funeral industry.
"Preplanning your funeral allows you to decide the method of disposition you wish, the kind of services you want and allows your family to focus more on grieving and recovery," says Kelly Smith, public relations manager for the National Funeral Directors Association. Preplanning also allows you to make important decisions with a clear head.
Understandable, given the average cost of a funeral--$4,700 (not counting cemetery expenses), according to the National Funeral Directors Association (NFDA).
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