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NLSNative Language Support
NLSNational Longitudinal Surveys
NLSNational Library Service
NLSNASDAQ (National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotation) Last Sale
NLSNiles (Amtrak station code; Niles, MI)
NLSNational Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped
NLSNational Library of Scotland
NLSNational Language Support (extended characters)
NLSNuclear Localization Signal (medicine; nuclear transport)
NLSNonlinear Least Squares
NLSNonlinear Schrödinger
NLSNational Language Support
NLSNatural Language Server
NLSNetware Licensing Services
NLSon Line System
NLSNovell Licensing Services
NLSNon Linear Sober
NLSNoxious Liquid Substances
NLSNational Literacy Strategy
NLSNear-Line Storage (data storage)
NLSoNLine System
NLSNetwork Location Server (Microsoft)
NLSNeighborhood Lending Services (various locations)
NLSNational Lifeguard Service (Canada)
NLSNo Lo Sé (Spanish: I Do Not Know)
NLSNational Library of Singapore
NLSNational Leadership Seminar (Boy Scouts of America)
NLSNevada Legal Services (Las Vegas, NV)
NLSNational Literacy Secretariat (Canada)
NLSNational Language Setting
NLSNational Launch System
NLSNot Life Safe (Internet slang)
NLSNatural Language Support
NLSNassau Library System
NLSNetwork License Server
NLSNew Lawyers Section (various organizations)
NLSNeu-Laxova Syndrome (genetic disorder)
NLSNeu-Laxova Syndrome
NLSNatural Language System
NLSNeonatal Life Support
NLSNew Launch System
NLSNormed Linear Spaces
NLSNterprise Linux Services (Novell)
NLSNanton Lancaster Society (Canada)
NLSNot Larry Sabato (blog)
NLSNoise Line State (Cisco)
NLSNon-Lending Service (World Bank)
NLSNational Land Service
NLSNational Language Standards
NLSNovell Licensing System
NLSNone Left Standing (band)
NLSNew Life Singers (Marietta, Georgia)
NLSNoise Like Signals
NLSNew Level Safety (Dartford, UK)
NLSNational Linen Service Corporation
NLSNo Line of Sight
NLSNavigation/Location System (cars)
NLSNASDAQ (National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotation) Last Sale (service)
NLSNon-Linear Suppression (Nortel)
NLSNext Line and Set prediction
NLSNative Lan Service
NLSNetwork Lifecycle Services (IDC)
NLSNational Local Service
NLSNeville Lovett School (UK)
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Mobilization of long-term expertise and a pool of short-term expertise to support the implementation of the third phase of the EU support program for the national literacy strategy in Morocco (ALPHA III ), led by the National Agency for the Fight Against Illiteracy (ANLCA).
Currently, schools use the GovernmentAEs oSearchlightso reading programme as part of the national literacy strategy.
A Labour spokesman said standards had "increased significantly" since the National Literacy Strategy was introduced in 1998: "We moved from a third not meeting the expected level at 11 to under a fifth."
The National Literacy Strategy in the United Kingdom was funded in 1998 to support the development and improvement of reading and writing outcomes for children age 5 to 11.
In Inside the Literacy Hour, Ros Fisher provides an account of teaching literacy that stems from a research project linked to England's National Literacy Strategy (NLS).
Great Britain is moving in that direction with its new National Literacy Strategy (2000).
Major initiatives include the National Literacy Strategy (currently focusing on primary and the early years of secondary school), the National Year of Reading in 1998-9 (now translated into the National Reading Campaign (which the National Literacy Trust runs), and the Skills for Life national adult basic skills strategy.
Progression in Phonics) that extend and supersede the approach set out earlier in the National Literacy Strategy (NLS) Framework for Teaching.
A report on the national literacy strategy by education watchdog Ofsted said they had not grasped what they had to do to teach phonics in the fashion expected by the Government.
The use of teacher modelling as a strategy for teaching writing has been a standard element in curriculum policy in many countries, for example, in the United States, England and Australia, and was a key element of the National Literacy Strategy in England.
In addition to advocating Reading for Peace, IPI, MENA, is building on the UAE initiative aiming at an integrated national literacy strategy and a framework to produce a reading generation and UAE's efforts to turn into a hub of cultural and knowledge content for a "new generation of scientists, intellectuals and innovators."
I looked closely at the National Literacy Strategy for Primary Schools with the help of the literacy co-ordinator of the school.
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